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Chrystal's review of Chris and New Journeys - Five Stars! Chrystal Skead - on Life Coaching

Chris and I had known each other for a few years before he went to Peru in 2007 - but it was really after he came back that he went through big changes, and I have graciously accepted his thanks for my part in those shifts and changes. [NOTE FROM CHRIS: This is exactly true - Chrystal has been a major part of the changes that have happened for me since 2007 - thank you, Chrystal!]

I have to also say, Chris has had a major part in shifts that have happened in MY life, too - my understanding of my place in this world (and in relationships - hes really good at understanding those!), yes, but it was the change in my employment situation a few years ago where Chris really helped me.

Helping people to see their existing/new situation from the most positive viewpoint, to discover the great opportunities that lie ahead, to accept the change completely by allowing and encouraging the release of anything negative from the past situation - for all these reasons, I whole-heartedly recommend Chris. He is someone who you should have at your side during, or after, major life changes.

And who knows? Maybe it's just because he brings such a positive energy into every situation, that you can't help but move forward in a new and healthy direction!

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Healthy relationships take work - and sometimes we just need help to move on from a past relationship - New Journeys
Leanne's review of Chris and New Journeys - Five Stars! Leanne Nadwidny - on Relationships, Life Coaching

I was delighted to be reacquainted with Chris in 2010 after having lost touch for a good many years. And it proved to be providential, as we discovered a shared passion for learning and growth, I being at the beginning of another of a series of transitions and Chris well on his journey as teacher and healer.

Chris' intuition, kindness and positive spirit proved to be exactly what I was searching for and needed during what can often be a confusing and frightening time ~CHANGE~! Chris provided a gentle, but honest mirror and encouraged and supported each step through that unknown territory. Chris was consistent and respectful and gracefully insistent during those moments when I would try to shut down, helping to keep my eyes and heart open, even when it was difficult.

I recommend Chris to anyone who is seeking a guide through those challenging transitions each of us experiences. I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.

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J C - Past Life Regression

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