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Regain Confidence in Your Capabilities - New Journeys

Regain Confidence

Many things can cause a loss in confidence, but the most important thing is to focus on the positive result you want... and nothing else! - New Journeys

Anxiety is a major source of illness and harm to relationships - New Journeys

Reduce Anxiety

Worrying about things is one of the most unhealthy things we can do to ourselves - so reducing your anxiety levels has many health benefits...

A calm mind is a beautiful thing... New Journeys

Calm Your Mind

Hand-in-hand with reducing anxieties is calming your mind; a bit of a 'chicken and egg' situation, but they are definitely linked!

Conquering your fears helps you move forward - New Journeys

Conquer Fears

Fear is one of the strongest emotions and can affect everything about us - learn to move past your fear and start reaching new heights!

Many people become mired within their grief, unable to move past their loss... hypnotherapy can help you release your grief - New Journeys

Release Grief

Often, the loss of a loved one, a traumatic event, or significant change can cause grief - dealing with this effectively lets us move forward again...

Do you really hate your job - or how you feel when you're there? Dealing with the feelings is the key - New Journeys

I Hate My Job!

In many cases, job dissatisfaction is simply a sign of other, deeper issues which have become, rightly or wrongly, attached to the work environment.

Hypnotherapy is one of the strongest tools for non-medicinal pain management - New Journeys

Pain Management

Pain serves a purpose - to make you aware of something. Once you're aware, though, do you really need the pain anymore? Why tolerate something that serves no purpose?

Meditation can help you develop focus and calmness - New Journeys

Learn to Meditate

Meditation can help us develop focus and calmness - and allows us to hear the intuitive messages we all receive...

More Details - and Your Next Steps!

  • Past relationships can provide a rock-solid foundation for our personal growth... or they can undermine our confidence and create tremendous uncertainty within us about our own capabilities and strengths. And the worst part is, people that do this are usually compensating for weaknesses that they see or feel within themselves... it can be a vicious cycle.

    It's time to stop the cycle! Those who are confident in their own abilities have a sense of strength about them which is often transferred to others which builds their confidence! If you have questions about your capabilities or want to be more of a positive influence on others, and be someone who others truly want to be around, a session or two to Regain Your Confidence may be just what you need!

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  • Reduce Anxiety Anxiety (at least as we'll consider it here) is a state where there is an ongoing (or frequently recurrent) uneasiness about general, non-specific situations. As a result, it can be difficult to treat anxiety using pharmaceuticals - all the more reason to consider using hypnotherapy to address and ultimately erase a person's tendency to be anxious.

    The most important thing when dealing with anxiety (as with most other situations) is to focus on the desired state that you are striving for. Having an extremely clear vision/example of how you would like feel and behave, on what your outlook will be once you've moved past your anxiety and how good that will feel, not to mention the effect it will have on others, is the key ingredient.

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  • Calm Your Mind The world today can be so chaotic! Too many things to do at home/work, not enough time in the day to get it all done... and tomorrow's another day that will likely be the same! Sometimes it can feel overwhelming... and it definitely contributes to a sense of 'monkey mind', that chaotic state where there are a million thoughts going through your head and it becomes hard to slow it down or even turn it off!

    This kind of lifestyle and stress can become MUCH easier to deal with, though, if you can learn how to Calm Your Mind. With a little help and guidance, and a bit of practice, you can begin mastering the creation and maintenance of a Calm Mind - and then everything becomes easier to handle!

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  • Conquer Your Fears! Conquering fears is a little bit different than reducing anxiety... rather than a general state of being anxious, the fear is very clearly focused on a specific situation or object - a fear of flying, for example, or of spiders or snakes, or thunder. Sometimes it's linked to a specific event that has occurred to us, but more often, there is no basis for the fear.

    Depending on the specific fear that is being dealt with, there may be a number of alternatives for how the hypnotherapy treatment will proceed. And regardless of the method used, hypnotherapy will be used to identify the reasons the fear exists at a deep level as well as develop and focus on a clear vision of what the appropriate and desired reaction would be to the situation or object.

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  • Release Grief Often, the loss of a loved one, a traumatic event, or a significant change can cause grief - and dealing with this effectively enables us to move forward again and enjoy life. Visualizing and ultimately accepting the new situation as the new normal (without bringing with it the negative or sorrowful emotion) can be difficult - but hypnotherapy can help.

    It is sometimes helpful to identify exactly what it is that we are truly sorrowful about... as an example, when someone close to us leaves or dies, our sorrow is often more closely linked to regrets we have (about things we should have said or how we treated them) than about the loss of the person themselves... so understanding what we are grieving about can help us deal with the situation, and ultimately come to acceptance, easier. And again, hypnotherapy can help not only help identify the issue, but also help resolve it.

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  • I Hate My Job! There is a key step that must be taken before you can be successful at your job... You must decide how you are going to feel about your job, how you are going to act towards others, and most importantly, how you let the behaviour of others affect you. Not only do you need to be confident in your own capabilities, you must also be able to work positively with others towards your group's objectives. The first and necessary step is to receive some guidance or get yourself into this kind of 'healthy' place - which often reframes your perspective and makes your work situation better.

    Even if you yourself are in a 'healthy' place, though, there can be work situations or teams/managers that are very dysfunctional, and that are often, at their core, abusive. In these situations, you often have more power than you realize, and can sometimes bring an approach or direction that moves the group in a positive direction - and make the workplace much more tolerable. And sometimes, just as in abusive relationships, you need to recognize that you cannot control others, you can only make decisions and take action for yourself - and that may entail leaving the work situation you're in.

    Either way, help and guidance from an outside person can help you develop a different point of view and identify the steps that you can take.

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  • Pain Management Pain absolutely serves a purpose - to make us aware of a situation that needs to be investigated or addressed. However, once you have 'received' the message that something in wrong, what purpose does the pain serve anymore? It has done what it was meant to do - raise your awareness. Whether or not you take steps to address the situation, the pain signal is not needed anymore and so can be dialed down or eliminated altogether through awareness and belief at a deep level.

    Your subconscious mind (or as I prefer to call it, your 'greater-than-conscious' mind) is an extremely powerful control room... effective pain management is all about identifying the controls that can lessen the pain, and then using those controls to do so! Instead of relying on medications, hypnotherapy can help identify which control panel/section to use as well as provide anchors to remind you immediately of how to get to the desired outcome - a pain-free state. It's that deep - and that simple.

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  • Learn to Meditate Meditation is often used to promote relaxation, contact spiritual guides, build internal energy (chi, ki, prana, etc.), receive psychic visions, get closer to a god, see past lives, take an astral journeys, and so forth. It is often targeted at developing concentration, compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.

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  • Hypnosis During Pregnancynew! You're pregnant! Congratulations! Now that it's sinking in fully... how are you managing with all the changes that being pregnant brings? Aches, pains, discomfort - but also stresses on your relationships (spouse/partner, kids, co-workers, parents, friends...) - all are affected.

    Hypnosis can be a great tool to help keep things aligned within your relationships while you're pregnant, deal with the hormone and body changes, as well as provide a few ways to deal with the aches and discomfort that pregnancy brings - especially closer to your due date.

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Release & Reconnect

The first step to establish a healthy mind is to release those things from your past (relationships, wounds, pain) that are standing in your way.

Then, take time to focus on developing a strong sense of your capabilities and rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem... creating a rock-solid foundation which you can then start to build upon.

Hypnosis during pregnancy can help reduce discomfort and stress, and manage pain effectively - New-Journeys.com