A Healthy Body...

When you're ready to quit, hypnotherapy can help you deal with the physical cravings that sometimes occur - New Journeys

Stop Smoking

Smoking can be one of the hardest habits to break - but if you're truly ready to quit, it can also be one of the easiest!

Lose weight, and keep it off, with hypnotherapy - New Journeys

Lose Weight

Those that have had trouble losing weight and/or keeping it off may have underlying and unrelated issues which are standing in their way - deal with those issues, and get (and KEEP!) fit!

Having a great sleep and waking up feeling rested is very important! - New Journeys

Wake Up Rested

Everyone is busy these days - the demands on our time are extreme! Having a good sleep and waking up feeling rested and ready to start the day is very important!

Reduce stress levels and live a more calm and peaceful life - New Journeys

Reduce Stress

Worrying about things is one of the most unhealthy things we can do to ourselves - so reducing your stress levels has many health benefits...

Hypnotherapy is one of the strongest tools for non-medicinal pain management - New Journeys

Pain Management

Hypnotherapy is exceptionally good at developing effective Pain Management strategies. Learn from your pain - and then leave it behind!

When you accept that our minds play a huge role in our health, you can also accept Hypnotherapy as the alternative healing method you should use - New Journeys

Heal Illness

Ongoing health problems often have psychological linkages, and once those have been dealt with effectively, true healing can begin.

More Details - and Your Next Steps!

  • Let's start with an important step - let's re-frame your goal from 'Stop Smoking' to 'Breathe Clean Air'... it may sound like a small thing, but it lies at the heart of doing something positive versus stopping something negative. What could be easier - stopping something you have been doing for a long time (decades, even), or starting something new and exciting and healthy and, well, attractive?

    Using hypnotherapy to stop smoking works great - when you're truly ready to quit. Actually, if you're not ready to quit, or are trying to quit for someone else or because someone else is saying it's what you should do, please don't contact us - it will be a waste of our time and your money. However, once you're ready, we will give you a few tools and shift a few things so you won't want another cigarette again.

    Ready? Then let's begin...

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  • Have you tried to lose weight in the past and achieved that goal, only to have the weight slowly come back again? Or have you never really been successful at reducing your weight, no matter how hard you've tried? Or have you suddenly come to the conclusion (or been told by your doctor) that you are heavier than you want to be, and that you should lose weight?

    Regardless of your path, wanting to lose weight and keep it off may be the most common goal we share in western society. The problem, though, is that we often concentrate solely on our physical aspects and not on our mental or emotional selves. When you start dealing with your whole person, you'll be happily surprised at your successes. (Please note - because we are dealing with the whole person, we will likely need several sessions over a longer period than for most other goals)

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  • Wake Up Rested The world today can be so chaotic! Too many things to do at home/work, not enough time in the day to get it all done... and tomorrow's another day that will likely be the same! Sometimes it can feel overwhelming... and it often results in fitful, restless sleep patterns that leave us even more tired for the next day's craziness!

    However, hypnotherapy can be a great tool to help you sleep better, as you're already sinking into your subconscious mind while asleep... and planting a few anchors and suggestions will help you achieve a peaceful, restful sleep and wake refreshed and ready to start the day with a renewed energy.

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  • Reduce Your Stress Levels Even if you're getting enough sleep, the stress of the day (created by family, work, self, etc.) can become unbearable. Ultimately, long-term stressful environments are extremely unhealthy and will almost certainly lead to physical health problems.

    Hypnotherapy to shift your perception of events and environments around you can be extremely helpful in reducing or eliminating your stress. Please understand, some stress can be helpful - it does have a positive physiological impact when not severe and when it's a short-term situation. However, longer-term stress is dangerous - and can cause serious, life-threatening conditions. If this is you, it's time to reduce your stress levels.

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  • Pain Management Pain absolutely serves a purpose - to make us aware of a situation that needs to be investigated or addressed. However, once you have 'received' the message that something in wrong, what purpose does the pain serve anymore? It has done what it was meant to do - raise your awareness. Whether or not you take steps to address the situation, the pain signal is not needed anymore and so can be dialed down or eliminated altogether through awareness and belief at a deep level.

    Your subconscious mind (or as I prefer to call it, your 'greater-than-conscious' mind) is an extremely powerful control room... effective pain management is all about identifying the controls that can lessen the pain, and then using those controls to do so! Instead of relying on medications, hypnotherapy can help identify which control panel section to use as well as provide anchors to remind you immediately of how to get to the desired outcome - a pain-free state. It's that deep - and that simple.

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  • Heal Illness There are some that would say, all illness can be healed using your mind... Although this may be true in most cases, I'm not sure I would agree that ALL illness can be healed using hypnotherapy. However, that said, the power of your mind is absolutely incredible, especially regarding positive intention and visualization, so if you can harness that to even a partial degree, you will have a healthier life.

    Along with pain management, healing illness is probably where hypnotherapy butts up against the scientific/medical community the most... science and medicine can be very much threatened by the idea that we can control pain and also work on healing ourselves without their assistance... and yet, that's exactly what most (if not all) of the ancient and traditional healing modalities provided for millenia.

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  • Hypnosis During Pregnancynew! You're pregnant! Congratulations! Now that it's sinking in fully... how are you managing with all the changes that being pregnant brings? Aches, pains, discomfort - but also stresses on your relationships (spouse/partner, kids, co-workers, parents, friends...) - all are affected.

    Hypnosis can be a great tool to help keep things aligned within your relationships while you're pregnant, deal with the hormone and body changes, as well as provide a few ways to deal with the aches and discomfort that pregnancy brings - especially closer to your due date.

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Manage Pain

Hypnotherapy can help you effectively manage pain

There are several ways that hypnotherapy can help you effectively manage pain.

One of the most frequently used methods is to find (or create) the "control panel' with the controller for your pain (associated with your back, or head, or wherever), and then work further with device.

Hypnotherapy can help during pregnancy
Lose Weight thru HypnoTherapy