Relationship Types

Our parents had a huge impact on us as we were growing up - New Journeys

Parents - or other primary caregivers - were the reason we survived as an infant, and then grew to become a toddler, a child, a teenager, and ultimately an adult. They were the single most important part of our early lives - whether that was good, or bad. Even though parents may have been acting as they thought they should, in a way that they thought was 'the best', their behaviour was based on what they had as examples from their own parents or from their friends, or based on what they understood 'society' was telling them to do. So, if they had grown up in a negative environment, with no model of a healthy parenting relationship, how could they know anything else? If your parents had these kinds of experiences themselves, and then you grew up in that same enviroment and sometimes exhibit the same behaviour, it's time to break the cycle!!!

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Our relationships with our siblings are often filled with emotion and conflict - New Journeys

Sibling relationships are possibly the most dynamic through our lives - from competing with them for our parent's attention, to struggling to a way to get along amidst our own power and control struggles, to acceptance and understanding that we should be there to support them and cheer them on. Sometimes, reaching the point of acceptance and understanding feels impossible - but it often just needs a little shift in perspective.

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As a parent, we have huge responsibilities - and huge opportunities for happiness too! - New Journeys
With Our Children

Becoming a parent is possibly the most rewarding thing we can do in our lives - to first be part of creating a new life... and then, the incredible responsibility of caring for and raising your child, to help them learn about the world around them and how to interact with and become part of that world - and finally, to help them launch and become more independent, and move on to creating their own lives.

Throughout this process, you have other roles and concerns you're juggling as well - your spouse, your friends and other family members, your careers and workplace, and your own health and well-being. It can be confusing or even feel overwhelming at times... and that's when you may need help.

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A solid healthy Friendship, once developed, should be with you for your entire life! - New Journeys Hypnotherapy

A great friendship is an unbelievable thing. It can be started in any number of ways, yes, but it grows and thrives all on its own - there is no forced relationship that creates it, and often nothing that forces it to stay together - it survives strictly on mutual trust, respect, honesty, empathy, caring, support... even love. What an incredible relationship!

When they're balanced and working well, both friends are getting what they need from the friendship, and offering what's needed back into it. Sometimes, though, a friendship that started off strong may falter, with the balance becoming skewed perhaps, or one (or both) people coming to the friendship with their own agendas and not treating the other appropriately.

When a friendship becomes unhealthy, you have options on the directions to take - and a little guidance can be extremely helpful.

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Dating can be a great source of joy and happiness - depending on our outlook and our approach! - New Journeys Hypnotherapy

Great dating relationships require several aspects: a great partner, mutual attraction, open and honest communication which is respectful, and empathy - the ability to see things from another's point of view.

For dating relationships to be successful, you need to start with clearly understanding what your goals are - you might be dating for simple companionship (seeing movies or working out together), for something more intimate (sex), or even to give someone a 'test run' before stepping into a deeper relationship (which might be moving in together, or starting a family, or even marriage).

And of course, your reasons should match or at least be compatible with your partner's reasons. Don't simply assume both your goals are aligned - have a very open discussion with your dating partner.

Finally, it's also a good exercise to identify where you feel your boundaries are (those behaviours from a partner that are acceptable, and those that are not), make sure your partner understands them, and then be willing to stand firm if your boundaries get tested. Whether it's how fast you want the relationship to advance, or how you want to be treated in certain situations, clear communication can go a long way towards a healthy relationship!

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Dating can be a great source of joy and happiness - depending on our outlook and our approach! - New Journeys Hypnotherapy
Committed Partners

If you're in a committed partnership - married, common-law, living together, or even still living in your own places - you know how fantastic it can be when things are working!

They can also be extremely tough, too, because you've chosen to be with your partner for the long-term, and yet things change. To maintain solid relationships of this kind, communication is obviously key, but so is having realistic expectations, clear boundaries of how you wish to be treated, and also respect for your partner's boundaries too.

A sense of humour, and a willingness to put your ego aside, are also very useful!

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Relationship Issues

Be a Confident Mom!

Being a parent is a tough job - and often, the way our kids behave or how they're doing in school can cause us to think that we're not doing very well.

It's also hard to step back, to see the situations as they really are, and then even more difficult to find strategies to help.

Having someone else at your side, someone who's not emotionally involved, may be necessary.

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If you're still single but you'd rather be with a great partner, life can feel unfair - New Journeys
Why Am I Still Single?

Are you single again, or have you been on your own for an extended period? Wondering what's going on, and how come you can't find a great relationship, or when you do, they don't last?

Some of the reasons are likely within you, some may be due to the type of partner you're seeking, or perhaps the issue is with the partners that you're finding.

Getting outside help to figure out your patterns, and the reasons they exist, is a great first step.

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A very common worry - that you'll become exactly like your mom - New Journeys
Help! I've Become My Mom!

Your most frustrating moment in life may be when you realize that you're doing the same things, or showing the same patterns, or saying the same words, as your mom (or dad), even after committing that you'd do things differently when you grew up!

Being able to strip away what really should be avoided, and identify WHY we wanted to avoid becoming our parent, can sometimes be difficult on our own.

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I've made bad dating mistakes in the past

If you're actively dating but finding that the partners that you're choosing are really not suitable, you're probably asking yourself, how come the partners I choose continue to disappoint?

The patterns of your dating choices are often tied back to things from earlier in your life - in your childhood, or perhaps from a previous romantic relationship.

Identifying these unhealthy patterns - and then releasing them - is the first step towards dating success!

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Get That Promotion!

There is a key step that you must take to be successful at your job... You must decide how you are going to feel about your job, how you are going to act towards others, and often most importantly, how you let the behaviour of others affect you. Not only do you need to be confident in your own capabilities, you must also be able to work positively with others towards your group's objectives. Life Coaching can be used for those looking to improve their situation at work and reframe their attitudes towards others.

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