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New Journeys Hypnotherapy

Dec 2013 - Slowing down for the Holidays!

Looking to slow down a bit before year-end... it's been a busy 2013 - time to focus on gratitude!

New Journeys Hypnotherapy

Nov 2013 - Hypnotherapy session bookings again busy!

Although we weren't able to get our guide Romulo into Canada for his healing sessions, I'm still working towards a trip to Peru in May 2014 - and another to Sedona a few months before, in Feb 2014!

New Journeys Hypnotherapy

Oct 2013 - Time in Sedona - and Mexico too!

In early October, I went to Sedona and spent some time with Betsy and Cliff, and Bob and Sue again... it was a great 5 days of hiking, talking, cooking, and just re-connecting! They're such wonderful people! (Oh and had a week in Mexico too, and visited Chichen Iza!)

New Journeys Hypnotherapy

Sep 2013 - Hypnotherapy for all...

September was a busy month - a few new clients again, and with a focus on reiki mixed with hypnotherapy - a powerful combination! Also had to get ready for a couple weeks away in early October...

New Journeys Hypnotherapy

Aug 2013 - Gardening

Back from Peru - and feeling recharged! Lots of weeding in the garden, which was a great re-connection piece for me.

New Journeys Hypnotherapy

Jul 2013 - A short time at the coast - and then, Peru!

Peru was calling again - and Tania and I responded with a trip to see most of the major sites, including Lima, Cuzco, trekking in the Andes, and of course, Machu Picchu! The first part lasted 9 days, trekking and exploring central Peru, from the nightclubs of Lima to remote mountain villages in the Andes, from seeing the auras in the mountains to paragliding over the cliffs of Lima... and then we extended it for an additional 12 days to southern Peru and Lake Titicaca, the time portal, seeing the giant condors, the Nazca Lines, and sandboarding in Ica! If you're interested in coming next year (YES! ANOTHER TRIP!), please let me know! CLICK HERE!!