About Us

The biggest problem many people face in their lives today is that they are standing in their own way.

New Journeys Hypnotherapy can help you change that.

We're on a mission to help people see what's truly going on, both within themselves and externally in their environment, and then take healthy, active steps towards the future they wish for themselves.

Our goal is to hold up that mirror, help you see your true self as well as others around you, and then take your next steps forward...

Into the Life You Want!

Our parents had a huge impact on us as we were growing up - New Journeys
Who We Are

Chris Vilcsak is the primary practitioner at New Journeys.

His first training and employment was as a mechanical engineer. After a few years, he went back to school (part-time) to finish an MBA, which sparked his entrepreneurial fire and led to the creation of Solution 105, a company which continues to help other firms manage their utilities.

In 2007, however, he embarked on his new life path, when he had his 'awakening' (as he describes it) during a trip to Peru and the Sacred Valley. During the next few years he became a Reiki Master, underwent studies with several shamans, and finally became a Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach and started New Journeys.

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Our values are those things we hold most dear - New Journeys
Our Values

At New Journeys, we prefer to concentrate on the positive viewpoint, on a vision of the healed person and a healed outcome, rather than the negative reasons why a person feels or acts like they do. Our values also include:

- loving kindness
- compassion
- confidentiality
- active listening
- honest communication
- empathy

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